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P&O Irish Sea Donation

P&O Irish Sea helped raise lots of money with their kind donation of a return sailing from Scotland to Ireland. The Irish were getting very competitive in their bidding for this amazing prize!

Last Saturday night at our SAM Sunshine Ball seen a lot of fun and competition going on with the competative Irish within the crowd. P&O Irish Sea had kindly donated a return sailing from Scotland to Ireland which we used as one of our Silent Auction Prizes on the night.

There is a big connection with Ireland as Sams Dad Eoin is Irish, one of the volunteers on the committee is Irish and a few of the guests at the Ball were Irish there was a lot of craic going on with them all trying to outbid each other to win this fantastic prize.

It really did go on to the very last minute when the highest bid was made by Claire Gallagher who visits family a few times a year in Donegal. Claire was delighted she got this auction prize. Claire said "I travel to Ireland a few times a year to visit family in Donegal and would be paying this money for my sailing so I am delighted it is going to Send a Message and it will hopefully bring a smile to the children who receive a gift box from you".

If you would like to travel with P&O you can book through their website

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Sam always loved getting presents especially ones that were delivered. Before Sam passed away his daddy asked him what he would like us to do for other sick children and he simply said give them presents.


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